What is the DPMP?


- The DPMP is a new resource for the parts management community. The portal is the result of a Government and Defense Industry collaboration to help reduce the cost and simplify the tasks of performing Parts Management activities.  

- The DPMP is a “One Stop Shop” for parts management resources. The DPMP provides one place to go for members of the parts management community to find and access what they need.  

- The DPMP is a navigation tool. The DPMP makes it easy to find and access destinations of interest. Each navigation pathway leads to an organization, a tool, or some other resource of interest to the parts management community.  

- The DPMP is a marketplace for the parts management community. It is a place where customers can find vendors and where vendors can find customers.  

- The DPMP is a communication resource and data exchange. Every organization participating in the DPMP will own and control a destination page (a bridge page) to be used to communicate with the rest of the parts management community.

 What value does the DPMP bring to the Parts Management Community?


- The DPMP enables quick and easy access to the resources you need. You should be able to easily find parts-related organizations and resources using the DPMP. In some ways the DPMP serves as a “Yellow Pages” for parts management.  

- The DPMP can save you time and money. If you ever spend time trying to find a suitable part or component or to find a source for an item, you know how difficult that can be. The resources and tools available through the DPMP can help make that task faster, easier, and less costly.  

- The DPMP can help to connect you to new customers or suppliers. If you offer or sell products or services, you can promote your capabilities through your bridge page. The DPMP makes it easier for potential customers to find you. If you are a consumer of products or services, the DPMP makes it easier for you to find the sources you need.  

- The DPMP can assist you in finding the answers you need. The DPMP is an excellent tool for research, exploration, and discovery. If you want to know more about the defense-oriented companies in your state, you can do it here. If you want to find parts that could potentially substitute for an obsolete or hard to find part, the DPMP provides access to powerful tools, such as Pin Point, that can help you quickly find the solutions you need. You could even use the DPMP to help your child find the information needed for a paper on alternative energy.