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XSB, Inc. is the parts management technology company. XSB's core technology is directed at extraction and standardization of product data from the rich but unstructured data environment on the World Wide Web and legacy data systems. XSB technology and robust reference content are central to successful corporate parts management solutions.
XSB, Inc also offers the following parts research solutions:
Pin Point provides users with comprehensive technical and logistics information about NSNs and commercial items on Government contract. It enables parts research and parametric search using the physical and logistics attributes of parts. Pin Point has been used extensively by sustainment engineers, item managers and catalogers for:
  • Improving supplier sourcing through the identification of supplier/manufacturer capabilities
  • Implementing sustainment engineering rules, tools and processes
  • Improving supply chain efficiency and responsiveness
  • Advanced parts management activities such as inventory reduction and economic procurement projects
Pin Point searches over a database of 65 million products on Government Contract. Product information automatically acquired from OEM and Vendor web sites using XSB's patented crawler technology. Pin Point also includes information aggregated from more than 20 Government databases; this wealth of knowledge provides Pin Point users with the most comprehensive management and reference data about NSNs and commercial parts.
Price Point is the tool designed to assist with evaluation of product pricing from a vendor catalogs . It is a Web based system that allows an analyst to upload a catalog and returns a line item summary for each product that displays overpricing risk based on price distribution, average and minimum sales and catalog prices. The user can then click at each product and see detailed information about matching products, their suppliers, contract numbers and prices. Finally, the system generates downloadable reports documenting over priced items and comparing them with identical items on Government Contract. These reports can be adapted to the contract negotiation process conducted by Contract Officers.
Weapon System Impact Tool (WSIT) is the most comprehensive tool for researching the relationships between parts, weapon systems and specifications and standards. Powerful XSB data mining technology has identified over 1 million NSN to Weapon System relationships that are not in EBS or other legacy data systems. In addition, the system has identified nearly 2.5 million specification to NSN relationships. The browser based WSIT tool instantly links the user to specification documents at public and private libraries on line.
Warwick provides ecommerce catalog vendors with accurate, actionable business intelligence on seasonality, segmentation and price in the public procurement market. The system enables vendors to better understand commercial item and NSN procurement from 130 Federal agencies. Additionally, Warwick helps vendors understand the competition by providing intelligence on who is selling what products and at what price the products are being procured.

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